Why Choose Acupuncture?

When asked why people should choose acupuncture, we say simply, “We believe that people should choose acupuncture because it is a safe, gentle and effective way to treat, with few side effects, the common conditions that ail us.” Clearly, we are biased.

Over the years, patients have expressed to us a variety of reasons that they’ve sought our services. Perhaps one of these is your reason for seeking our services:

  • They view acupuncture as safe, gentle and effective to treat their condition.
  • They seek something that is viewed as “healthier” or “more holistic”
  • A family member or trusted friend has suggested that they try acupuncture because “acupuncture has helped me”
  • They like the sensations created by acupuncture (an overall calmness and relaxation; an enhanced sense of well-being, etc.)
  • They’ve tried “western” medicine and the interventions have not worked, or in their opinion, have made the condition worse.
  • They’ve consulted a “western” medicine practitioner and they do not want to take the options given them by that practitioner for their condition
  • They’ve consulted a “western” medical practitioner and been told that “there is nothing that can be done for you”
  • Their doctor suggested that they try acupuncture
  • They have no healthcare insurance or cannot afford other options
  • They’re curious
  • Their relationship with their old acupuncturist has ended (for one of a multitude of reasons: relocation, can’t get an appointment in a timely manner, can’t afford the services any more, etc.)
  • They’ve seen a news article or report of a scientific study touting the effects of acupuncture.