Does It Hurt?

Most people do not find acupuncture or associated therapies painful.  Typically, a mosquito-bite sensation is felt as the acupuncture needle pierces the skin.  As the needle is advanced to the proper depth, the mosquito-bite sensation is replaced with a sensation that patients describe as “distending”, “achy”, or “dull” in the area around or near the needle.  This sensation, known as De Qi (pronounced “duh chee”) is normal and a good sign that the Qi has been contacted and is moving.  The intensity of the Qi sensation varies from patient to patient, but most people are able to relax while the needles in place.  In fact, people commonly fall asleep or into a deeply relaxed state with the needles.

It is not uncommon to be a bit nervous at your first visit.  For most, that nervousness quickly fades as the treatment starts.  If you are anxious, please tell us so that we can take measures to make you feel more comfortable with the treatment you’ll receive.  Asking to see the needles that we use may help calm your fear.  Our needles are much thinner than hypodermic needles—we can fit three of them inside of one hypodermic needle!